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Clover Club Ringer

Clover Club Ringer

Clover Club Ringer

Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 3 Skill: 4 Icons: (A)
Game Text:
Disrupt: When an opponent wins a struggle at a story where Clover Club Ringer is committed, you also win that struggle. (The active player resolves their struggle first.)
Limit once per turn.

Flavor Text: "I win again! Sorry sugar, its just not your night."
Set: DotU
Number: 11
Illustrator: Sara Biddle


When my opponent wins CombatStruggle. Do I win Combat as well, so we both take wound? Or if he dies due to the struggle, does anything happen to me?

I was wondering about how this card works too? can anyone help?

(1.4) Duration of Effects
If a triggered effect has no specified duration, then the effects of that ability expire at the end of the current phase.


In my view, disrupt triggered first, Clover Club Ringer be wound and discard(active player resolves first), and then you resolve combat struggle effect next.

Yes, both players win that struggle and so both of them get the benefit.  In the Combat example, both players will take a wound for instance.  It doesn't matter if the wounds wipe out either or both sides, you still both take them.  The active player resolves first as the card said, this might matter if you have some other card or ability that triggers when you win a struggle.

so if the ringer card is still going i.e. another card takes the wound, do they just carry on resolving the struggles?

This gal has an interesting interaction with David Pan and Parallel Universe. Ordinarily, whoever has the highest skill will win all of the struggles at a Pan or Parallel story. With the Ringer, it's possible to actually lose the first struggle or two, each side lose a character, then win the remaining struggles. Not really enough to make this card good, but it does create some unusual situations.

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