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Fall Guy

Fall Guy

Fall Guy

Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 1 Skill: 2 Icons:
Game Text:
Disrupt: When a struggle at a story would resolve, sacrifice Fall Guy to cancel the results of each struggle you would lose at that story until the end of the phase.

Flavor Text: "What? No! I...I..."
Set: DotU
Number: 14
Illustrator: Antonio Maínez


Cannot understand the low rating. This guy deserves at least three stars. In the right deck, he's money, as he can protect your most important characters when they expose themselves at stories. Naomi for instance mostly needs to commit in order to use her effect. This little mobster ensures that she survives the ordeal. Etc, etc. Not to mention the combo between him, Isaac Miles and House Advantage to repeatedly nullify losses at stories. But that's another... story.

Protect them at stories how, by canceling the combat or terror effect? You can throw any chump in front of that train by making him join the story, no need to sack a character for that. He's not that good imho.

I think he's a fantastic one drop. Kwakkie is to some extent right about the combat/terror thing, but Fall Guy can absorb both, which is awesome. More importantly he can shut down investigation (to make your opponent's attack less effective) and arcane (to weaken their defenses). Plus he generally makes math difficult for your opponent. And, rare for a one drop, he gets better as the game goes on!


In terms of the syndicate, he's one of their best one-costers. Lena is better, but unique. I can see why you would put Clover Club Bouncer in, depending on the deck, but if it doesn't focus on skill then Fall Guy becomes Your Guy. He's way more dynamic and interesting than Patsy.

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I'm kinda confused about this card.
Do you choose which struggle you want to sacrifice him to?

You just sacrifice him when any struggle would resolve, and he negates the effects of all the struggles you would lose at that story.  So, you could sacrifice him when the Terror struggle would resolve, and then you can lose the Terror, Combat, Arcane, and Investigation struggles at that story without suffering any negative effects.

Aug 16 2016 01:22 PM

Yep, you chose the struggle.  "When a struggle at a story would resolve..." is the trigger condition, if a struggle of some kind is about to happen, you can trigger this disrupt.

The card doesn't restrict which struggle it is, so it can be any icon struggle at any story, regardless of whether or not Fall Guy is committed.


So, if an icon struggle is about to resolve, and you don't like the outcome, you can sacrifice him to stop it, and as a bonus, he will negate the effect of losing any of other icon struggles at that story this phase.


You may notice me slip the word "icon" in there, the skill battle at the end, to determine "success" doesn't appear to be a struggle.

Good against  (T) win = Success Hastur based decks.

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