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Hali's Directive

Hali's Directive

Hali's Directive

Type: Event Faction: Hastur
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Disrupt: Cancel the effects of a character card just triggered. Then, drive that character insane, if able.

Flavor Text: His name spoken thrice invites madness.
Set: DotU
Number: 47
Illustrator: Stephanie Brown


A question regarding this card came up during a recent game I played.


I attempted to put The Day Dreamer into play with his triggered ability.  My dad played Hali's Directive to disrupt The Day Dreamer's ability.  We didn't know the correct ruling, but we determined that Hali's Directive could be used to cancel The Day Dreamer's triggered ability.  The end result was the triggered ability's cost of 2 was paid, but The Day Dreamer stayed in my hand.


Does anyone have any input on whether we played this correctly?  I'm not sure if you can "cancel the effects of a character card just triggered" when the effect itself is to put the character into play.  Contradictory as it sounds, it seems like The Day Dreamer might need to be put into play in order for the Directive to cancel its "put into play" ability.


Notice that Hali's Directive doesn't say "triggered ability," which would clearly limit it to cards that are in play, and it says "character card" instead of "character," which again suggests maybe it can hit cards that aren't in play yet.  That's basically why my dad and I ruled the way we did on it, sad as I was that my Day Dreamer couldn't enter play.



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I would agree with your assessment of the interaction between Hali's and Day Dreamer.  Day Dreamer stays in hand, and there is no-one to drive insane..

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