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Martin Herring

Martin Herring

Martin Herring

"Quick Kip"
Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 2 Skill: 3 Icons: (C)(I)
Game Text:
Play with the top card of your deck revealed.
Characters your opponent controls with the same cost as the top card of your deck cannot commit to the same story as Martin Herring.
Set: DotU
Number: 8
Illustrator: Bryce Cook


FAQ 3.3

A card that is currently revealed by a card effect cannot be revealed by another card effect.

when you choose you next card do you just pick the two cards, one of which would be the top of your deck, do you then turn over the next card? or do you leave the revealed card on top and pick the next two underneath? because your oppo will always see one of the cards you are putting into your hand each time? it hasn't really worked for me as I always seem to turn over a zero cost card which doesn't really do anything? so just wondering of he justifies his place in the deck? I know he has an investigation icon and fast but the reveal card thing isn't really helping!

You draw each card individually, so for your standard 2 card draw each turn, you would draw the revealed card, reveal the top card of your deck, draw that, and then reveal the top of your deck again.


So yes, your opponent knowing what you have been drawing can be frustrating, but you can also use that knowledge against them as they may avoid doing things based on what you can do. Plus as you said, Fast and investigation combined with the possibility of stopping their characters going into stories is quite strong in my mind.

thanks but as I said I keep drawing zero cost cards and he has 2,3,4 plus cost cards so it doesn't have any effect on them?

thanks but as I said I keep drawing zero cost cards and he has 2,3,4 plus skill cards so it doesn't have any effect on them?


While 0 cost cards aren't going to help you much, I wanted to note that Martin Herring doesn't work off skill as you wrote above.  He looks at the character's cost.  That's a big difference.

oh yeah sorry I've amended the above post, ta 

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