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Mind Swap

Mind Swap

Mind Swap

Type: Event Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Spell. Tactic.
Action: Choose a character you control and a character an opponent controls. Those characters trade struggle icons until the end of the phase.
Then draw a card.

Flavor Text: "Welcome to my nightmare."
Set: DotU
Number: 55
Illustrator: JB Casacop


'struggle' icons? 'Printed' icons perhaps?
do both characters really need printed icons / or any icons at all?
or can I give my Yithian Scout any icons and let the opponents character just lose the icons?

if there isn't somethink to trade what will happen?

Good question. I'd also like to see the answer.

No, you do not need to have icons on both (or either) character to play the card.

Could I ask why? Where does it say in the rules that a character with zero struggle icons still counts has having struggle icons....

The card doesn't say the characters have to have struggle icons, it just says they trade whatever struggle icons they have. If a character happens to have zero then it's gonna be a pretty sad trade for your opponent.


Also the struggle icons as is seems to imply the opposite of printed icons. Like if your opponent's character has an Alhazred Lamp attached then you would get an extra TCAI.

Sounds plausible to me.

I'm a little confused on how Mind Swap works with Moonbound Byakhee.  Let's say my opponent commits a Twilight Cannibal to a story.  I commit my Moonbound Byakee to oppose the Cannibal.  Then, I play Mind Swap, choosing these two characters as my targets.


I assume the following things are true:

1. The Twilight Cannibal now has TCA.  Even though the Cannibal isn't a Servitor under my control, it still gains the T icon that the Byakhee's ability gives to itself.

2. The Byakhee now has TTCC.  The Byakhee is still a Servitor, and its passive effect is still working, so it still gives itself the extra T icon (which could be relevant in the event of a Under the Yellow Sign, etc.)


Could someone please let me know if there are any holes in my logic here?  Thank you.

May 28 2017 04:10 AM

This one is tough. I thought I had read something about it a while back, but can't find it and thus have no solid answers.

I do know that it comes up a lot. There is this rules discussion: http://www.cardgamed...d-gained-icons/ in which it seemed everyone agreed that a granted icon was also transferred, and I believe they all implicitly believed it wasn't being re-granted - though I don't think they speak to this.


A question arises as to whether:

1) a granting effect is continually checking to see if the icon it gave is still there and re-granting it? or

2) if grants only happen on some kind of status change? or

3) maybe they never actually happen and are only added at the last moment to effect calculations?


In most cases I have seen, most players I have met seem to prefer (2).

So if you have something granting you an icon, and then something removes that icon for a period, the removal works and you don't have the icon for that period.


This is certainly how my local groups play and seems to be how the people in that forum viewed things.


In summary I agree the Twilight Cannibal gets the Servitor T icon that the Moonbound had, but I don't think the Moonbound gets it again/anymore - at least until the Mind Swap wear's off.

Thanks, RP. I think I'll just defer to your opinion. You know more about rule stuff than I do.

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