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Naomi O'Bannion

Naomi O'Bannion

Naomi O'Bannion

Ruthless Tactician
Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 3 Skill: 4 Icons: (C)(C)(I)
Game Text:
Action: Ready Naomi O'Bannion to choose and trigger a Tactic event card in any discard pile. Then, put it on the bottom of its owner's deck.
Flavor Text: She had her mother's charm and her father's cunning.
Set: DotU
Number: 1
Illustrator: Alexandre Dainche


Do you have to 'pay' to 'trigger' the card?
Specifically: If Immurement is in my discard pile, do I just move it and trigger the effect? Or do I have to "drain highest domain" thing too?

What about when a tactic only has a cost and not any other textbox?

I have the same question too, though, judging from what I read on the comments about  her in the "Denizens of the Underworld Review, Part 1" article here on this site, I'd say there's no need to "pay" anything. Concerning Immurement, I'd say that you still have to drain the domain, since it's part of the card's effect. I may got it wrong though. Any kind soul out there to enlighten us?

Verified: The cost depicted in the upper left corner of the event card is not taken into account when using Naomi's action. The event's text however has to be fully resolved; thus one has to exhaust his biggest domain when triggering Immurement out of his discard pile.

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What happens when Snow Graves is attached to the discard pile and Naomi O'Bannion triggers an event from that said discard pile? The effects are resolved and the event card stays in the discard pile, so she could trigger it again next time she readies?

Basically, yes.

Just remember she has to ready in order to play the event, you have to pay the cost of the effect (if any) and all restrictions to the event still reply.


So, you can trigger Immurement again and again but you still have to drain your highest domain each time.

You can trigger On the Lam by readying Naomi... but it's still "1 per turn".

Are we sure about how Naomi interacts with Immurement?  I thought any text before the word "to" counts as part of the cost, and triggering means you bypass all costs.  I grant you that it seems over-the-top that Naomi could just Immure people without having to drain the highest domain, or she could pull a Flanking Maneuver on somebody without having to find a partner to exhaust with.  Still, I was under the impression that all costs, including those specified within the text box as part of a triggered effect, were ignored when an effect is triggered.  Could someone please confirm the rule on this because maybe it has changed since 2/2015?

Is Naomi's ability only meaningful with Tactic event cards which are Actions since it is an action to use Naomi's ability?

Basically, yes. By the time she can activate a Tactic, the window for Responses and Disrupts has already closed. She's better at being proactive, not reactive.
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I could be wrong, but I don't believe Naomi triggering a Tactic event card counts as "playing" an event card for the purposes of readying the Claret Knight.  If anyone knows of any rule that states otherwise, please enlighten me.  Thanks.

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