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On the Lam

On the Lam

On the Lam

Type: Event Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 0
Game Text:
Action: Choose a non-Ancient One character. That card cannot be readied or exhausted until the beginning of your next turn. (Limit 1 per turn.)
Flavor Text: "My advice? Disappear son. Get out of town and stay low."
Special Attribute: Steadfast - Syndicate x1
Set: DotU
Number: 31
Illustrator: Cristina Vela




Quick question about this card- does it prevent a character from committing to a story (for either defence or offense)?  Do you commit, then exhaust characters - or do you exhaust in order to commit?  

You exhaust in order to commit (usually), so it would prevent a character from committing to a story (unless a card effect is used to commit the character which circumvents the need to exhaust to commit.)

I was wondering if this meant I could stop an opponents card from being readied or to stop one of my cards being exhausted?

You cannot directly prevent a card from being readied or exhausted, as On the Lam is an action not a disrupt. So you would have to fully resolve whatever effect is causing the readied/exhausted state completely before bring able to use On the Lam.

You can however use it in a proactive way too similar effect. Using it at the end of your turn against an opponents character for example.

On the Lam + Naomi O'Bannion + Unending Festivities seems like a lot of fun.

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