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Type: Event Faction: Neutral
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Disrupt: Cancel the effects of an event card that targets a character you control. The owner of that event refreshes the domain used to play that event.
Flavor Text: "Did you not think I would be prepared for such inevitabilities?"
Set: DotU
Number: 41
Illustrator: Julepe


Rules question from a newb. If I cancel the event card, does it go to the discard pile or back to the opponents hand?

Discard- the card is played, only its effect is canceled. It doesn't mention returning the card to the opponent's hand either, and reinforces the fact that the card is played by adding "the domain used [to play] that even.


What say you all!? 


Its a darned good card, all things considered!

I'd much rather be using a two domain to do my own thing on my turn rather keeping it open on the off chance my opponent decided to play an event. A lot of decks aren't super event heavy. That being said, I can imagine situations where this would be useful, but Hastur's cancellations are almost all better than this.

Chosen for CotD 25th July 2015, as when I was looking at reactive control cards I pondered on this.


Whilst it does refresh the domain and relies on the event being one that targets a character you control, for those times when you need to prevent DOA or Pushed into the Beyond, this can be a lifesaver.


I know some people prefer proactive cards over reactive cards, as keeping a 2 cost domain open that you may never use that turn can be a turn-off, but the control player in me is sorely tempted!


Has anyone got any experience with the card, good or bad?

I'm not sure you'd ever be able to talk me into running it to find out. Cost 2. Very conditional. The domain gets refreshed so you don't really choke the tempo. About the only thing it has going for it is that it's a Tactic?
Cool art though!
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Giving them their domain back hurts this card, now they can potentially play another event or just use some "pay x" type ability with it, or even play a character/support if it's still their Operations phase.  If it cost less, maybe, but for 2 it's just too niche I think.

I tried to use this once, but it never saw play. It was just never the right time...I either didn't have the extra domain or I didn't have the card in hand. I like the idea, but as dboeren said, at two cost and with the domain resetting, it just doesn't seem worth it.

I want to like it. I've been considering to put it into my new Tesla deck - because that guy sure needs every protection he can get!

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