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Tommy Malloy

Tommy Malloy

Tommy Malloy

"The Big Palooka"
Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 2 Skill: 2 Icons: (C)(C)
Game Text:
Fast. Toughness +1.
Disrupt: Before a [Combat] struggle resolves at a story where you have at least one character committed, you may play Tommy Malloy from your hand committed to that story.
Flavor Text: He was once just a bum, but the O'Bannion's gave him purpose.
Special Attribute: Steadfast - Syndicate x2
Set: DotU
Number: 4
Illustrator: Mark Molnar


do you still have to drain a domain to play this card or not as it is a disrupt condition?

Yes, as you play him from hand. If it said put into play, like Dreamland Fanatic, you wouldn't need to.


p15 FAQ 4.0

To “play” a card is to pay all costs and follow all play restrictions in order to bring the card into play from a player’s hand.

Tommy Malloy's primary intent is to augment a typical Criminal deck.  However, one niche use I've found for him is in my Shub/Syndicate deck that runs Nyarlathotep and Avatars.  Nyarlathotep and Phineas Taylor both want to succeed at stories, so Malloy is superior to Black Dog at doing this because he actually has skill of his own.  And Baron Samedi wants to win a combat struggle against multiple opposing characters, so Malloy is vastly superior to Black Dog at doing this because Black Dog can't ambush multiple characters.  Plus, Malloy will then survive the Molotov cocktail that Samedi sets off, allowing him to stick around for later fights.


Nyarlathotep, Phineas, and Samedi all benefit from surprises, enabling them to trigger their abilities when the opponent thought he had stopped them.  If you're running a deck like this, I recommend the Big Palooka.

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