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Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 2 Skill: 2 Icons: (C)
Game Text:
Disrupt: Before a struggle at a story would resolve, choose a character you control committed to the same story as Wheelman. Commit Wheelman and that character to any other story where characters are committed.
Limit once per turn.
Set: DotU
Number: 19
Illustrator: Jon Bosco


It has taken me a little while to warm up to Wheelman.  At first, I was kind of overwhelmed by the tricky timing of the card, but I'm finally seeing the power in the versatility.  He can be used defensively (as the art suggests), protecting an expensive character while simultaneously dividing your opponent's defenses.  But the Wheelman can also be used aggressively, since it says "before a struggle at A story would resolve."  Have the Wheelman's story resolve first where you've committed him with a big guy, then after the story is done, the Wheelman will drive his big timer over to smash face at a second story.


I've put Wheelman into my Red/Brown Avatar deck, and I hope he'll shine.  Nyarlathotep, Baron Samedi, and Phineas Taylor all have conditional triggered abilities, so Wheelman allows me extra flexibility to optimize those abilities.  And if I also have a Smoke Serpent on the table, it's like the Wheelman is driving a Smoke Serpent along for the ride too!  


If Wheelman's ability were an Action, it would be pretty weak, but the power of a Disrupt ability should never been underestimated.

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The things to keep in mind when using the Wheelman offensively, is that his disrupt must be triggered before a struggle resolves, meaning that the icons of the character you bring with, and the skill of both characters will not impact the story you are leaving anymore.  Just make sure that you still have enough Arcane/Investigation and skill left behind to achieve your goals at that story.

As I understood Track8, he was suggesting that you trigger the disrupt before a struggle in a second story, subsequent to resolving the story at which Wheelman is committed. That way, you don't cheat yourself at all; you just get to use Wheelman and his passenger twice.


The card text doesn't specify that the struggle needs to be one at the story where Wheelman is first committed.

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Feb 18 2016 08:48 PM

I have run into Wheelman many times and it is very annoying to play against.


For added fun, commit David Pan to the same story as Wheelman, it will makes it almost impossible for your opponent to get his defensive calculations correct at any of the other stories.


As a counter, my opponent using Wheelman will often assume his use, so blasting him after they commit can leave them quite vulnerable to unfavorable outcomes at multiple stories. Getting 2-4 kills from a single Event is always nice.

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Yes, Carthoris, you're accurate in terms of my intended meaning.  Your last sentence perfectly captures what's so neat about Wheelman.  If the ability only triggered before a struggle at the first story (the story where Wheelman starts), it probably would only be good for evasive maneuvers and wouldn't offer much versatility.


Richard Plunkett, that's a good idea about David Pan.  That would be very frustrating for an opponent to try to figure out.  Makes my head hurt just thinking about it.  Cards like Wheelman are sometimes sneaky good; they can be hard to defend because you don't see them coming.  That's my favorite kind of card.

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