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The Captain

The Captain

The Captain

Dreamlands Navigator
Type: Character Faction: The Agency
Cost: 4 Skill: 3 Icons: (C)(C)(A)(I)
Game Text:
Independent. Dreamer.
Heroic. Willpower.
Action: if it is Day, pay 2 to choose a story. Until the end of the phase, count The Captain's icons and skill towards that story without committing him to that story.
Set: IMoD
Number: 21
Illustrator: A.M. Sartor


Can I trigger The Captain’s (Dreamlands F21)
Action at a story he is committed to in order to
double count his icons and skill at that story?
No. You cannot trigger The Captain’s
ability to have his icons and skill count
twice at a story, whether if its used at
a story he’s already committed to, or if
the action is triggered twice at the same

A good way to dodge struggles if you can't win them, but his high cost and reliance on day is an issue. He's great to go on offense with and then keep a domain open to use his stats with. It takes a specific kind of deck to make him playable, but he's pretty good in it.

Threat of activation is strong in this one. You can commit very little on offense and still get things through. Also note it doesn't say "printed icons". I think a Tcho-Tcho Talisman could be fun.

With the right deck this is an ability worth the cost.
Mar 22 2015 09:12 AM
This does need to be in the right deck, it's an expensive character with unsupported subtypes and requires both day and an open domain. Luckily basilica is always popular and makes it day and encourages the use of extra domains so it's not as tricky to fit it into the most common agency builds.I think some of the new agency cards (grete, peerless tracker, snowmobile) will work very well in a deck with this card and I'm looking forwards to seeing what the captain brings to my game.

The Captain is pound-for-pound the most powerful Agency character in the game IMO (yes, I'm assuming it is Day).  The Willpower, the perfect icon spread, the reasonable skill, and that ability - holy cow, that ability!  Unopposed stories for days!  And all for a cost of 4?  The guy should cost 6 or 7!  You probably don't even need to play any other cards after you play The Captain - just keep using his ability.


I don't agree with some of the negative things said above about The Captain, saying he has unsupported subtypes.  I'm sticking a Dream Dagger on the guy and saying "Game Over" unless my opponent has a triggered effect that can destroy him straight up.  What does it take for a character to get 5 stars?  He's got my vote.

I don't think a story with none of your characters *actually* committed will resolve at all - triggering his ability or not. He's explicitly not committed to the story so without some kind of punching bag to push forward, his ability is useless. Similar to how committing Trent Dixon as only character doesn't mean you get two stories for free because your opponent can't commit against his skill/icons (because no one is actually there).


I wouldn't bet on my interpretation though, but it'd cross the utter-bullcrap-line if you can reliably put 3 success tokes on each story without (almost) anything your opponent could do about it (Agency has tons of character protection cards to boot).

Anyway, he'd be *still* a good character if I'm not off.

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