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Midnight Rendezvous

Midnight Rendezvous

Midnight Rendezvous

Type: Event Faction: Cthulhu
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Action: Destroy all Day cards, then attach Midnight Rendezvous to a story. Counts as an Environment support card with the text: "Night. It is Night. I struggles do not resolve at this story."
Set: ItDoN
Number: 48
Illustrator: Diane Özdamar


Ambushing in day or night is nice, though I think day is stronger simply because of the existence of Plague Stone.

Stopping an opponent winning a story they thought they would take is also nice.

Overall its a nice card, worth a look in a deck that wants night.

This would be better as a Day effect (just to blow up Night cards), but Night is occasionally useful, more often as a buff to your dudes. More important is the anti-investigation part of the card, which can be the tipping point between winning a story or not, and the Mythos factions generally have trouble with the icon anyways. I can see slotting 1 or 2 of these in a deck, but they'd likely be first on my "cards to potentially cut" list.

Mar 28 2015 07:13 AM
Speed day is great, especially now that agency are popular where it could mean stripping combat icons and preventing willpower after characters have committed. Making a story safe from rush is really good when coming from a faction with so few investigation icons. I like this card.

It probably wouldn't be a competitive deck, but for some reason, I love the idea of a green/yellow deck combining Midnight Rendezvous with Whispers of Aoide, Under the Yellow Sign, The Yellow Sign, The Setting Sun, and Silver Twilight Temptress.  There seems to be so much thematic synergy there, and there is some mechanical synergy too.  It might not win a lot of games, but all those cards just seem to go together so well that I like the concept.  If only Whispers of Aoide weren't so pathetic...

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