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Ritual Initiation

Ritual Initiation

Ritual Initiation

Type: Event Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 0
Game Text:
Action: Choose a unique [Syndicate] character. Until the end of the phase that character gains (C), +1 skill, and Toughness +1. Then, you may pay 1 to return Ritual Initiation to your hand.
Set: ItDoN
Number: 46
Illustrator: Carlo Bocchio


Surprise combat icon and +1 skill for 0 is OK, toughness is unlikely to be relevant. Paying to return it won; happen often but if you have a domain open a cheeky bonus usage is fine - losing the element of surprise though. Its OK, but I think other Syndicate events edge it.

The effect is pretty minimal, and the place where this card really shines is the recursion. Even with it, though, you're mostly looking at the extra combat icon, since there are better ways to manipulate skill in Syndicate.

Mar 28 2015 08:20 AM
The limitation of unique syndicate character is tough but the recursion is great. Playing this once gives your opponent the headache of worrying about +X skill and combat icons that can be spread accross stories. Temporary toughness has its uses if a suicide run will win you a story or you need an extra 3 uses out of a khopesh.
Can someone please confirm that the "pay 1" part of this effect is a triggered ability and could therefore trigger Cathouse with an overpayment? I believe Events are considered "in play" until their effects resolve, so I assume that's the case here. However, the "pay 1" portion is part of an out-of-play triggered effect, not an ability, so can it be an ability buried in a working effect?
Dec 03 2016 08:55 AM

I am sorry but triggered effects on Events aren't 'triggered abilities' as required by Cathouse.


From the FAQ: 2.32: "Playing Events: ...
Events do not enter play or leave play, but they leave the players hand when
triggered and then enter the discard pile once resolved or canceled."


From the main rules "Triggered Ability: A triggered ability is any triggered effect caused by a card already in play."

So events are never in play as needed to be considered an ability, and even if events passed through play, they fairly clearly wouldn't meet the 'already in play' criteria.


The next problem you have is whether the second bit qualifies as a triggered effect of its own, which I can't quite see that it does. You need a trigger word eg: Action to be a triggered effect. So it seems like it would mean the whole effect and that you would have to overpay for the whole effect, not just the second bit).


I am not as sure as I would like on this last argument, but I am confident of the first, so sadly it doesn't work.

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