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Keeper of Dreams

Keeper of Dreams

Keeper of Dreams

Mind Breaker
Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (T)(T)(A)
Game Text:
Creature. Monster. Independent.
Action: Exhaust Keeper of Dreams to choose a character. That character loses Willpower until the end of the phase unless its controller discards 1 card at random from his hand.
Set: JtUK
Number: 109
Illustrator: Ryan Barger


If the discard condition weren't there this card would be great! With it there you need a hand destruction deck to get it to work, at which point you sacrifice insanity events to limit the use of it. And its unique so you can't just hope for multiple copies out to grind the opponents hand down.
Apr 09 2015 07:53 PM
Another one of hasturs anti willpower/terror cards from the dreamlands cycle. Giving your opponent choice is always bad but it's a tougher choice that usual because hastur have so many hand destruction cards. Any anti willpower card in hastur is amazing.

For those Warhammer players out there, this card reminds me of Keeper of Secrets, both in name as well as its physical color.  It looks very Slaaneshi to me.

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