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The Black Pharaoh
Type: Character Faction: Neutral
Cost: 4 Skill: 4 Icons: (T)(C)(A)(I)
Game Text:
Ancient One.
Villainous. Toughness +2.
During the resource phase, if an opponent wishes to attach a resource to a domain, the resource must be chosen at random from his hand. (Choose the domain first, then randomly determine the resource.)
Set: JtUK
Number: 117
Illustrator: Diane Ozdamar


Fairly obvious why it is restricted, its a great mix of icons and the random resourcing hurts. Could be nice to combine with The Blackwood Initiative.
Apr 12 2015 02:42 PM
Good icons/skill/toughness for the cost plus the ancient one subtype for extra protection. The real reason to include him is the ability, which can really mess up your opponent's plans if he is playing multi faction. Now with added agency synergy thanks to their new resource control cards.

Quick question: Does the owner of Nyarlahotep get to choose which domain will be resourced? I think that's what the card says but I want to make sure.

Yes, due to the last sentence. He changes only how the card is determined which will be attached.

I think this version of Nyarlathotep is really cool, but he's also tricky to leverage.  After a lot of study, I think I've figured out at least 3 strategies that work well with him.  Maybe these will help others who've had similar struggles with the Black Pharaoh.  Here they are in order of greatest effectiveness IMO:


1. Pair him with resource destruction/manipulation - pretty obvious, but this tactic will force your opponent to keep resourcing as he tries to undo the damage done to his domains (think Torch the Joint, The Peel Association, Thule Zealot)

2. Pair him with cost-raising - when the cost to play cards rises, players will have to allocate more resources to pay for them (Elspeth Baudin, Iod, etc. hit all players equally, but Nyarlathotep will only pick on your opponent's attempts to keep up with inflation); goes really well with cost reducers on your side like Priestess of Bubastis and Ghoulish Worshipper

3. Pair him with discarding - given the choice between losing cards in his hand to discard, or resourcing them, your opponent will usually prefer the latter option; with Nyarlathotep on the board, this choice becomes less clear, and puts your opponent in a no-win situation; requires a modicum of speed before your opponent plays out his opening hand (I'm using Eltdown Shards, so I can hand-pick *pun intended* the cards I want to discard; Whitton Greene improves my chances of getting the Shards early, and the Cylinders of Kadatheron act as a back-up to Greene)


I'm sure there are more ways to build around Nyarlathotep, the Black Pharaoh.  These are just 3 that I've noticed.

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