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Halflings of D'haz

Halflings of D'haz

Halflings of D'haz

Type: Character Faction: Neutral
Cost: 4 Skill: 2 Icons: (C)(C)(C)(C)(C)
Game Text:
Halflings of D'haz can only commit to stories on your turn.
The loser of any C struggle in which Halflings of D'haz participated must receive an additional wound for each icon by which the struggle was lost.
Set: SftSK
Number: 75
Illustrator: Raya Golden


The additional wound tokens are
assigned one at a time by the losing

My opponent and I had a disagreement about this card this evening. The essential question is this: Can the "additional wound for each icon by which the struggle was won" be inflicted on characters not committed to the story at which the struggle occurs?
IMO only story. The card says about additional wounds. Nothing in the text allows those wounds to affect other characters than C struggle wounds do.
And it would be too strong if unopposed Halflings dealt 5 wounds to opponents other characters. I'd see it in much more decks, if it was that good.
Only at the same story.
Thanks. Also: Any ideas about literary references involved in the name of this card? The creatures sort of remind me of the evil "little people" in Arthur Machen's stories, but he doesn't use the word "halfling" (which is a Tolkien coinage AFAIK). Googling "D'haz" revealed no leads. I'm suspicious that it's some sort of inside joke at FFG.

Not being able to defend is a pretty huge restriction, and defending is what this guy is really screaming to do given his text. It still is a "deal with me or lose" card, though, and if your opponent isn't heavy into combat icons it can singlehandedly win stories.

Also a contender for the lowest quality art in CoC LCG.

4 cost to basically make any opponent without terror icons avoid a story like the plague. I think most factions have cheaper characters that effectively do the same, and are able to defend stories too.
Mar 30 2015 07:33 PM
Not a fan of this card, being unable to defend is a huge drawback drawback and it's ability to inflict extra wounds applies if you lose the struggle. Not having a terror icon is also a bad thing for this card. Agency have a few cards that work with this but have enough in faction ways of doing extra wounds so don't really need this. The only use I would have for this card is if I was also using flare guns, then you can force your opponent to defend with multiple characters.

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