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Price Manor

Price Manor

Price Manor

Type: Support Faction: The Agency
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Action: Exhaust Price Manor to take the topmost Attachment support card in your discard pile and add it to your hand.
Set: SftSK
Number: 62
Illustrator: Andres Rocha


Ugh, discard-orders-matters. Beyond that, this isn't a bad card. There aren't any activation restrictions (awesome), and it reduces some of the downsides of playing attachments (also awesome). Definitely has decks it wants to slot into.

Hmmm, anyone would think they designed this card to work with John Henry Price! Multiple prize pistol usage in 1 phase alone seems a good option - with JHP that's a free character kill and 2 cards drawn, very nice! Shame you can't get the Khopesh to work with it (well, maybe with the Black Stone to blank it?) or that would be sickeningly good, Stygian Eye is a distinct possibility though. I like the card but obviously you want a good number of attachments, or some really good attachments, to really get the best use out of it.
Mar 28 2015 01:34 PM
Price manor and evidence locker are the two support cards needed to make agency attachment decks work. Evidence locker isn't limited to the top support and attaches it straight to a character, allowing you to dynamite every turn :) price manor may not have the surprise effect or let you choose the attachment to return but it does have its advantages. It's free, it's card advantage, any type of attachment can be returned. If you want to recur the new story attachments then price manor is the way to go.

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