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The Silver Key

The Silver Key

The Silver Key

Unlocking the way...
Type: Support Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Artifact. Attachment
Attach to a story card.
Readied characters cannot commit to attached story. Exhausted characters can commit to attached story.
Forced Response: After a character commits to attached story, ready that character.
Set: SftSK
Number: 72
Illustrator: John Moriarty


Bizarre. I can see it being used to abuse "exhaust to ___" effects on characters, but I'm too lazy to look up if there are any worthwhile ones. I'm going to assume there's at least one and call this a build-around.


Otherwise, this makes it difficult to commit to the attached story during your turn, since most of your dudes are going to be ready. Recently-restored characters are still exhausted, though, which could be interesting synergy with a Lunatic deck.

As mentioned above Lunatics can use this. If you are expecting a lot of Unending Festivities its a great answer too! Feels like a card you build a whole deck around to me, I don't know enough about the game to say if its brokenly good, terrible, or anything between!
Mar 29 2015 08:57 PM
This card has the potential to be really powerful, timed right it can leave your opponent unable to defend a story, if your opponent doesn't have a character who can exhaust as an action it can make it impossible for him to attack a story, you can get an extra use out of one (or more) of your abilities. The only problem is that it works better for any other faction, yog only have 4 characters that exhaust as an action some of which are conditional and none of which you want to build around. Yog also have an abundance of arcane icons which makes it harder for them to defend the story. You need to look for out of faction uses for this card, there are a few to choose from.
Three words: Elder Thing Scavenger
I'm putting this question to the room: in a deck built around TSK, do you go with Guardian Pillar or Josef Meiger?

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