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Guardian Pillar

Guardian Pillar

Guardian Pillar

Type: Support Faction: Neutral
Cost: 3
Game Text:
Dreamlands. Location. Mutable.
If you control more Dreamlands support cards than any opponent, you may exhaust Guardian Pillar to commit it to a story as a character with 4 skill, (T)(C)(C)(C), and Invulnerability.
Set: SftSK
Number: 78
Illustrator: Raya Golden



Does Guardian Pillar’s (Dreamlands F78)
ability allow it to be committed outside of the
normal phase when characters can be committed
to stories?
No, Guardian Pillar’s ability allows it to
be committed as a character to a story.
This is during the normal timing window
when characters are committed to
stories. Also, it is important to note that
Guardian Pillar is no longer a support
card while it is a character, and that it
does retain its name and uniqueness.

Jul 30 2012 05:20 PM
Guardian Pillar + Binding: Guardian Pillar's icons and skill are gained and not printed, so they won't be modified by Binding or likewise cards. (Rules answer received from FFG.)
More detailed quote of above thread:

Q: When Guardian Pillar is committed to a story as a character, can effects like Binding or Obscure Linguist remove its icons? (I mean, do the icons actually count as its printed character icons?)

A: No, Guardian Pillar as a character is a "virtual" card, meaning it contains no printed characteristics associated exclusively with a character card. It maintains its subtypes and cost, but skill and icons are not printed but gained. Anything that refers to printed cannot target or otherwise effect those gained characteristics positively or negatively.

Next interaction:

Pillar vs The Silver Key (SftSK) Pillar is not a ready character, it becomes character after he exhausts, so Silver Key doesnt prevent him from commiting and readies him.

source (Damon ruling vis FFG forum post):

I really wish I could run this in a deck along with Cavern of Flame, but if I'm running Hastur I can't imagine not wanting Stygian Eye. I might try out a more Dreamlands-oriented Hastur build and see what happens someday.


Disregarding the Restricted status, though, this card is a beast. I feel like it should have had a faction association though, which would probably save it from the Restricted list.

A lot of support hate hits locations. The effect is conditional - less likely against Hastur for example. As a restricted card I think its tough to put into a deck.

If not restricted it becomes an auto include in many decks - a reason for its restriction I suppose.
Mar 30 2015 07:44 PM
The power of this card should be obvious, this gives every other restricted card a run for its money. Expect to see this a lot, especially if your meta is removal heavy.

If I have Artifact of the Lost Cities attached to Guardian Pillar, and then Guardian Pillar is put into the discard pile while it is a character, does my Artifact of the Lost Cities still trigger?  Artifact of the Lost Cities specifically says "when attached support card," but in my scenario, the Pillar isn't a support card when it dies.  I assume I don't get the 3 cards, but I figured I'd ask.

Jun 14 2017 03:45 AM

I agree, the use of "support" in the response, seemingly redundant at first glance, becomes relevant here and you don't get your three cards. :(

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