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Inconspicuous Zoog

Inconspicuous Zoog

Inconspicuous Zoog

Type: Character Faction: Neutral
Cost: 2 Skill: 2 Icons: (A)
Game Text:
Zoog. Creature
Response: After you drain a domain to which Inconspicuous Zoog is attached as a resource, unattach Inconspicuous Zoog from that domain and attach it to a story card. (Count as an Attachment Zoog support card with the text: "Count Inconspicuous Zoog's skill and icons at attached story each time it resolves. If you win this story, return Inconspicuous Zoog to your hand.")
Special Attribute: Zoog resource
Set: SotD
Number: 95
Illustrator: Felicia Cano


So, it looks like Inconspicuous Zoog isn't actually committed to the story when it is attached. Therefore, it isn't vulnerable to insanity/destruction from resolving the story struggles, right?
But remember that there needs to be "normal" character commited by active player in order for story to resolve. This Zoog attached alone will not cause story to resolve.
One of the better Zoogs for sure. That's not to say its actually good though.
Apr 03 2015 04:24 PM
If this had one more icon I might consider using it, there are better characters with similar impact on stories so I see no reason to run this.
Nov 13 2018 07:57 AM

I'm thinking of pitting a Shub-Zoog ramp deck against a Misk-Zoog rush deck.  Thoughts?

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