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Dhole Tunnel

Dhole Tunnel

Dhole Tunnel

Type: Support Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Location. Dreamlands.
Action: Sacrifice Dhole Tunnel to choose a story card. Until the end of the phase, characters do not exhaust to commit to that story.
Set: TH
Number: 14
Illustrator: German Nobile


Making the arcane struggle less relevant can't be a bad thing for Shub, not a book-loving faction in general. Also a faction that can often get stuff back, lessening the cost. If you use it in your turn the opponent doesn't really gain anything from not exhausting. Plus, anything that allows you to ignore On the Lam has to be worth a look. I can see this being a card that makes an early cut of a deck but not making the final iteration though.
Mar 18 2015 08:22 PM
I really like this card, it's one of those cards that has an effect on the game even if it's ability is never triggered. It allows you to fully commit to attack on your turn and be able to have a full defence on your opponents next turn, that's far better than an arcane struggle. Your opponent will have to take that into consideration when attacking. It's also a dreamlands support card which enables several other good cards.
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Dropping this early on can create a threat that your opponent has to respect, and the effect is still good even if they see it coming. Tossing a horde of dudes at a single story and still keeping them back for defense is pretty strong.


The Dreamlands subtype is one of two things:

1.) Completely irrelevant.

2.) Absolutely critical.

With the support cards that rely on you having more Dreamlands cards than your opponent, having random one-shot effects that just happen to influence that fight can completely shut down some shenanigans like The Cavern of Flame. It's nice to have the keyword on some cards like this, because you can slot 1-2 of them into a deck and not care about the subtype since the effect is solid enough on its own.

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