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Twilight Cannibal

Twilight Cannibal

Twilight Cannibal

Type: Character Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 2 Skill: 4 Icons: (T)(C)(C)
Game Text:
Ghoul. Monster.
Toughness +1.
If it is Day, sacrifice Twilight Cannibal.
Set: TH
Number: 13
Illustrator: Hector Ortiz


Cheap and efficient, and day events don't get played often to my knowledge, meaning the text will only hurt you during the opponents operations phase, so playing this will net you something in your turn first. Shub has plenty of night effects to remove offending day cards, s as long as you go that route its a card to consider. If instant day effects are/become a thing then its a quick cut from a deck though.
Mar 18 2015 08:30 PM
This ghoul is awesome, against any deck not running day he'll be the most efficient character to hit the table. Against day he is an easy choice to resource. His drawback is entirely reasonable. The problem is that he isn't a night card and can't remove a day card that is preventing him from being played, without an additional card to get rid of day he could be stuck in your hand.

Solid cost, solid stats, and a usually-irrelevant downside. In my experience, Night cards are much more common than Day cards, even despite Savio Corvi. It sucks if he bites it to the sun rising, but otherwise is very solid.

Domestic Sacrifice probably wins the award for the saddest art in the game, but I think Twilight Cannibal is the most twisted.  Blood-spattered ghoul creeping into a child's bedroom?  Yeah, that's pretty intense.


Darn good card though.  I hope it's an early sunrise for that kid's sake.

Apr 18 2017 10:51 PM

It's a ghoul and a cannibal? So it eats other ghouls?

I've wondered that as well. I assumed I was the only one that didn't get it. Haha.

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