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Crooked Cop

Crooked Cop

Crooked Cop

Type: Character Faction: The Agency
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (C) (C)
Game Text:
Criminal. Investigator.
While Crooked Cop is committed to a story he gains “Disrupt: When one or more characters at this story are targeted by a card effect, draw 1 card. Limit thrice per phase.”
Flavor Text: “Why should they be the only ones to profit?”
Set: For the Greater Good
Number: 13


I know this isn't game of thrones but has a card ever used the term thrice before???? 

Thrice is used on the Alternative Historian errata.

oh if it is then okay (: I just thought they were randomly changing the format. 


Danigral - 3 out of 5. Card draw anywhere is hard to overlook, but this is struggle based card draw and therefore easy for your opponent to work around - He can just destroy the Crooked Cop in Operations.. However, if you have extra repeatable actions, say like San Marco’s Basilica, you can draw off your own effects too.

mnBroncos - 4 out of 5. Even more protection. Hastur is the king of cancel. Agency is now the king of protection.
Obtuse - 3 out of 5. A neat theme for a character. Another card to run in an Agency/Syndicate mash up. Card draw is always nice.
Kamacausey - 3 out of 5. Mediocre stats but in the right deck he could serve to help you draw a lot of cards. I'm sure he will have a place
livingend - 2 out of 5. Probably best in a deck featuring a lot of cheap, or preferably even free, repeatable effects that can mess with characters in stories. And, as the criminal subtype on Crooked Cop already suggests, the faction notorious for fielding a wide array of these effects is Syndicate. Peter Clover, Lena Di Boerio and Dany O’Bannion’s Crony certainly qualify as ways to generate some easy value in conjunction with the cop. The biggest downside here is that he has to frequently participate in stories in order to really get going, since that requires you to already be winning on board before the real magic happens. Verdict: Given the plethora of other 3 drops in Agency’s arsenal, it’d be ambitious to call this anything but a “maybe”. But, you know, “maybe”...
WWDrakey & Ire - 3 out of 5. Well, the draw-engine is cute and all, but also quite easy to play around or break apart. And then you're easily left with a 2-combat icon 3-cost character, which just isn't that much. 

Has anyone successfully integrated this card in a good deck? Seems to combo well with Paul Lemond, Sam Marco Basilica and Shotgun.

I haven't, but I think it's possible.  It would take some effort on your part, as mentioned in the reviews above, but it seems like it could be done.  Since he's a criminal, maybe he could be paired up with Lena and Street Tough in a Brown/Blue deck.  Or, like you said, go more of a Blue route with the Basilica, Paul Lemond, etc.


My main problem with Crooked Cop is that he costs 3.  Since 3 is the sweet spot for characters in this game, there are a lot of other 3-cost characters that I'd rather put into a deck instead of Crooked Cop.  Someone with better icons, better skill, or a more reliable or game-changing ability.  I just don't feel like the juice is worth the squeeze with Crooked Cop.

Your right about the 3 cost. If he could work in a Brown/Blue deck like you said, it would be with the help of Johnny V's Dame to lower his cost.

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