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Peerless Tracker

Peerless Tracker

Peerless Tracker

Type: Character Faction: The Agency
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (I)
Game Text:
Action: Pay 1 to choose an opponent’s character committed to a story. Peerless Tracker gains all of that character’s printed icons and is now committed to the same story. Limit once per turn.
Set: For the Greater Good
Number: 11



Danigral - 3 out of 5. Another card to fit into the defensive deck with extra domains, which seems to be shaping up out of this box. I really like that it can flip pretty much any story that your opponent undercommits to. Naturally this makes him important more for threat of activation than an actual threat, which means that you are typically choking yourself one domain-action each turn to have the threat active, unless you have extra domains. But still it makes your opponent stop and think.

mnBroncos - 4 out of 5. I personally love this guy. Now a confession I haven’t made an Agency deck ever yet, as they always seemed to boring to me (excited to now though), but one thing Agency is good at is killing people. So if you're able to commit this guy to a story with only one or two characters on your opponents side you can easily be looking at winning every struggle. His ability is so good with having fast.
Obtuse - 3 out of 5. Another hunter. He’s a little like a Black Dog your opponent can see coming. A solid defender, and I like that you can use his ability to try and bait your opponent into making a mistake in how he commits against you.
Kamacausey-3 out of 5. I'm still trying to figure this guy out but he seems to have some serious potential. His ability is very tricksy and can stop the opponent in their tracks. Get it? Because he's a tracker...ok I'll stop now.
livingend - 3 out of 5. While Peerless Tracker is probably gonna end up as a one-of in some decks and a three-of in most binders, I think design is heading in the right direction here. By default, being the defender is more powerful than being the attacker in Call of Cthulhu (for reasons too lengthy to elaborate here), so having characters that can offset this slight imbalance and alter the way the game is played makes for interesting new challenges. Don’t let that fool you though. Any copy of this guy you draw after the first is resource fodder. Verdict: One copy in aggressive Agency decks, maybe two if you’re really getting in there.
WWDrakey & Ire - 3 out of 5. Interesting? Oh yes. Fun to run? Sure. Effective at times? Indeedily. Does it do anything without having a 1 cost domain open? Well... not really. So, there you go.

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