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Red Tape

Red Tape

Red Tape

Type: Support Faction: The Agency
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Condition. Government.
Cancel the first effect triggered by each opponent each turn.

Flavor Text: It’s what holds civilizations together.
Set: For the Greater Good
Number: 27



Danigral - 5 out of 5. I’m calling it. This will be as much a staple for Agency decks as 70 steps is for Hastur. It could also be a meta-defining card like Negotium. Players will have to make sure they have an answer for it, even if it’s support destruction or repeatable triggers, because when you have 3 actions for 2 turns, you can’t afford to waste them in a long game.

mnBroncos- 5 out of 5. I personally hate this card. Not because it is too powerful but because of what it does to deck building going forward. If you want a competitive deck you need repeatable effects just to deal with this card. Effects are more important in this game than any other game I have ever played. Events swing the game more than any other game, characters with abilities are what wins or loses you the game. Even just one of these key effects being canceled every turn is game changing and I will always try to find some repeatable effects to put in my deck just to turn this off. For AGOT players this is very similar to a Greyjoy card River Blockade and that is a very good card but this is even far superior.
Obtuse- 3 out of 5. If you had caught me before I was able to play some games running this card I would have flat out agreed with all these 5 out of 5 ratings. Don’t get me wrong, Red Tape is a good solid card. If it weren’t loyal it would be even better. But lets be real; this card is far from broken. In all my test games (sample size of about 15 matches against a variety of decks) every deck I played had an easy way around it. It’s an annoyance. A buzzing in the ears. Yes, you absolutely must have an answer for it otherwise it will hurt badly, but go and take a look at most of your competitive decks. I suspect they already have plenty of ways around this card. My prediction, and you can come back and say I told you so if I’m wrong, is that this card will NOT have any significant impact on the overall metagame.
livingend - 4 out of 5. What I don’t like about this card are its meta implications. Frozen Time is good enough as it is, we don’t need more must-answer cards like Red Tape that improve Yog’s position in the meta. Jumpers like Stalking Hound, Dreamlands Fanatic and Robb Alexander are good enough as they are, we don’t need a way to make sure that players get on the jumper train because they can trigger again after being canceled. Red Tape punishes you for playing fair and rewards you for running free triggers, jumpers and already incredibly efficient and versatile removal. Verdict: I reserve the right to replace at least 2 of 3 Red Tapes with Basilica and/or Hub’s Key after initial testing.
WWDrakey & Ire - 4 out of 5. Good? Yep. Puts the pressure on your opponent? Surely. Game-breaking? Umm… not really. It may hit some decks (that want to do a single strong trigger on an opponent’s turn, for example) in a soft-spot, but that just means the decks will have to adapt. And that, is what cardgames are all about, no?

Does it cancel Forsed Responces or not? I'm confused.

From FAQ:
(1.11) Forced Responses
A Forced Response must trigger, if
able, and is not considered a player
triggered effect, but is instead a card
triggered effect triggered by the game
state that is resolved by the player who
controls the card.

I don't think it does, since the Forced Responses are explicitly *not* player triggered and Red Tape demands an effect triggered by an opponent.


Although I can see opposing argumentation since "opponent" and "player" isn't necessarily synonymous and I don't know if "opponent" can just be understood as the... "entity you're playing against". Sound a bit far-fetched to me, though.

I had this come up in a game, and based on the FAQ ruling of Forced Responses we went with how it is not cancelled, as the opponent didn't trigger it, but the game did.

Sorry, I don't understand... Red Tape cancels Forced Response?

No, he said 'not'

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