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Sir Jon Scott

Sir Jon Scott

Sir Jon Scott

Noble Philospher
Type: Character Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (C) (A) (I)
Game Text:
Lodge. Undead.
Response: After a card is discarded from your hand, you may attach it to John Scott face-down.
Response: After John Scott is readied, return a face-down card attached to him to your hand.
Set: For the Greater Good
Number: 48


Pawn Broker's new best friend (and probably tons of others, like Alternative Historian or Dedicated Butler)

How about using Deciphered Reality in combination with this?  

Ooh, this guy might be useful. ST have a ton of effects powered by discarding cards.


Edit: And it's an undead - it'll be interesting to see what the Shub box will have to offer for this neglected subtype.


Danigral - 2 out of 5. Not quite as good as ST’s current 3-drops, and even his ability is questionable. ST often wants cards in the discard that I only see this as being potentially useful in a few rare circumstances.

mnBroncos - 4 out of 5. So many cards can make you discard either from your own or your opponents effects. Being able to get them back every turn is significant. More card advantage for the faction that use to have problems because had a theme around losing card advantage, glad to see this being reversed.
Obtuse - 3 out 5. An obvious combo piece to go along with discard effects. Just a neat card that I enjoy the design of, even if it probably isn’t crazy powerful. Have fun building around this with cards like The Blackwood Initiative, Alternative Historian, and so forth.
livingend - 2 out of 5. Even with a new enabler the arrival of self-discard to the realm of competitive play isn’t drawing much closer. The stat line here is solid, but at this point Silver Twilight is saturated with powerful 3 drops that Mr Scott cannot compare or compete with. Still a notable addition to the cardpool; particular usefulness is guaranteed wherever Hastur discard strategies abound. Verdict: Could be a card worth looking out for in the future.
WWDrakey & Ire - 3 out of 5. This guy is definitely headed for the same toga party as Master of Myths. A focal element for all that “discard from hand to do stuff” tech in Silver Twilight, but one that doesn’t quite pack enough protection for how focal he wants to be. Still, does work nicely with Alternative Historian in a ST/Miskatonic deck, packs the usual solid ST icon row and it’s good to see this theme get a bit more legs.

I'm trying John Scott in a deck that features the Blackwood Initiative and also includes 3x Supernal Prism.  I've not gotten a good sampling of him yet, but I'm concerned about his vulnerability.  I just don't have enough room in the deck to include all the protection he really needs.  Then again, with the Initiative, you're only putting 1 card on him at a time, so it's not like he's carrying your whole deck on his back.


Does anyone have any experience with the Noble Philosopher, good or bad?  Should you only run him if you're packing Ward of Protection, St. Hubert's Key, etc.?  I figure if I even get one card back from him, he's done no worse than let me break even.

Why's this listed as "Sir Jon Scott"?

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