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Type: Support Faction: The Agency
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Vehicle. Attachment. Polar.
Attach to a character you control.
While attached character is committed to a story, it counts its icons at each other story where you have 1 or more characters committed.

Set: For the Greater Good
Number: 21



Danigral - 3 out of 5. While I tend to rate attachments lower, Iā€™m going to give this one a fair rating because it actually can be pretty powerful. Being able to count an arcane icon can often let you ready a character at each story, for example. Load up Officer Gibson with some Talismans and Hermetic Tomes and other weapons and you have a pretty cool little James Bond chase scene in the making.

mnBroncos - 4 out of 5. This is one of the most playable attachments in the game. For only one cost you can be adding 3+ icons to every story. This is great in for being aggressive on offense or from stopping your opponent from committing. Do not underestimate this attachment.
Obtuse - 3 out of 5. A nice little attachment for cost 1 with a big ability. Slap it on someone beefy and get to brawling. A nice pull for James Logan.
livingend - 3 out of 5. Snowmobile is one of those cards that need a powerful enabler to be playable. Fortunately, James Logan, probably the best choice in that regard, is one of the only viable restricted cards for the emerging mono-Agency deck. Fetching an Iron Cross plus Snowmobile locks up stories and laughs at removal. Verdict: A great two-of include in any Logan deck.
WWDrakey & Ire - 3 out of 5. Definitely useful, at least up here in the cold north. Still, being vulnerable to every form of character-control can limit the amount of mileage you get out of it. That said, one turn might already give a pretty good return for your investment.

If my only character leave from a story because result of terror/combat struggle, does the icons snowmobile gives still count at that story?

Nov 21 2015 09:19 PM

They do not.

It is a conditional passive effect, so its status/effect is updated as needed, and so it can easily change mid story resolution. So, if your last character at a story leaves, then you no longer gain the benefit there, from having this on a guy at another story.

How about Snowmobile on Relentless Stalker?  That would be so annoying to play against!

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