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St. Hubert’s Key

St. Hubert’s Key

St. Hubert’s Key

Type: Support Faction: The Agency
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Disrupt: Exhaust St. Hubert’s Key to cancel an effect that would either drive a character you control insane or wound a character you control.
Set: For the Greater Good
Number: 24


Khopesh ruining your day? Then St. Hubert's Key is for you! Just don't forget the errata to Khopesh so they still wound as a cost!

Price to pay and this, do i get to hit the opponent with either wound or insanity and disrupt the effect on my own guy to have a one sided effect?

I think only the wound, because it's a "then" statement.  So if insanity doesn't happen it can't continue.  Even better though it just says effect, not triggered effect.  Meaning game effects should be fair game.

It says disrupt and effect that would drive a character insane or wound, cant i choose my guy to either be turned insane or take wound and use st huberts key to stop either effect from happening to my guy? the targets are still valid from what i understand.

Small Price to Pay:
Action: Choose a character you control and a character an opponent controls. Choose one of those characters to go insane, then wound the other character.

From the FAQ:
If a card uses the word “then,” then
the preceding effect must have been
resolved successfully before the
subsequent dependent effect can be


So if you negate the insanity the wound won't happen because of the then statement.  It didn't resolve successfully.  I'm pretty sure this is correct.  Actually thinking about it maybe the choosing is the effect and they don't have to actually go insane, just be chosen to go insane?  Not sure anymore.

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You are right ssjevot, if the part of the sentence before the "then" is not satisfied completely the part after the "then" does not happen.

Right, but the issue I'm having is if the choosing is the part that needs satisfying or the actual insanity.  Because if it's just choosing then it is satisfied in his scenario.  A character was chosen to go insane, it was just that the insanity itself was negated.  So, I'm really not sure what would happen.

I think the first sentence messes up with your thoughts here. Just concentrate on the 2nd one: "Choose one of those characters to go insane". The first sentence just lays the ground rule that the targets must be one from your side and the other from opponents. So insanity must happen for the wounding to take effect.

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Both the targeting must be valid (in this example choosing 1 character you control and 1 your opponent controls) and the application of the effects in the order defined (1st a character must go insane and IF that happens, then the wounding).


Danigral - 4 out of 5. So it’s not an attachment. Good. It protects your characters from your opponent’s effects. Better. It protects your opponent from game effects too. Wait, what? Yup, it just says “effect” so it includes game effects such as the results of a terror or combat struggle. This is worth a couple copies in any deck.

mnBroncos- 5 out of 5. Autoinclude in every agency deck. They already were that way but it is even more so now Agency is going to be the decks that is including the most support cards. This is just one of the new Agency support cards that your deck will always be better running it.
Obtuse- 3 out of 5. Good solid card. Classic Agency cancel wounds ability. Gets you around some of the wounding removal and if you’re seeing lots Hastur go insane effects it’s a good card to be packing. At stories its ability is nice, but not often needed. Agency has quite a few willpower options, and if you’re playing Agency why are you losing combat anyways?
livingend- 4 out of 5. Protection against terror struggles is a nice addition to any human faction deck, as most of their weenies and less powerful characters are vulnerable to insanity. Apart from these standard applications St. Hubert’s Key is crazy good against Hastur and Khopesh decks. A meta answer, but a meta answer done right: Good average power level in every match-up, insane power level in a few selected match-ups. Verdict: There is a ton going on in the 2 cost support slot for Agency but this is just too good to not see play in a decent amount of decks.
WWDrakey & Ire - 4 out of 5. Just the kind of efficient “don’t screw with me” protection that perfectly fits the Agency playstyle and card portfolio. Also, anything to reign that big silly sword in a bit more is good. Bonus points for being both a thematic and mechanical cousin for The Iron Cross.

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