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Supernatural Investigator

Supernatural Investigator

Supernatural Investigator

Type: Character Faction: The Agency
Cost: 1 Skill: 1 Icons: (I)
Game Text:
Investigator. Hunter.
Disrupt: When an opponent triggers a card effect that targets a character you control, choose a card in a discard pile and put it on the top or bottom of its owner’s deck.
Flavor Text: Knowledge was power, and knowledge of things that saner minds shunned from was a power to be wielded carefully.
Set: For the Greater Good
Number: 2



Danigral - 4 out of 5. A cheap investigator that has a lot of utility to get back key cards or remove them from your opponent’s discard strategy. It can synergize with MU, Syndicate, or just provide the cheap triggers in your Hunter deck (Is that a thing? I don’t know!)

Kamacausey - 4 out of 5. A very solid 1 drop for a faction that already has a lot of solid 1 drops. Supernatural investigator happens to be the only 1 drop in faction with an investigation icon so she will definitely see play because of that alone. Her recursion ability is what takes her from a 3 to a 4 for me. Oh and she has two subtypes that got a lot of love this set too!
mnBroncos - 3 out of 5. A nice ability against some decks, others useless. But a one drop with investigation can get success tokens fast early game.
Obtuse - 4 out of 5. Cheap. Investigation. New “Hunter” subtype that picked up some nice cards. Some nice recursion to get back needed cards or you can bury some cards, like say a Stalking Hound, on the bottom of your opponent’s deck. Solid.
livingend - 5 out of 5. You can barely build a deck without Stalking Hound these days, which, I assume, allows for the reverse conclusion that you won’t be able to build Agency decks without Supernatural Investigator until the dog fad finally abates. And besides, she’s also a 1 cost weenie with solid icon, skill > 0 and the very synergistic hunter subtype. Verdict: Run her or run from the dogs.
WWDrakey & Ire - 4 out of 5. There are two things of note with this gal. The first of them, is that Anthropoly Advisor does not say "minimum of 1". The second, that anti-recursion tools which also function as weenies are really solid, just ask Black Winged One.

Good card. Question: Can she put a card that got 'killed' straight on the top or bottom of the pile..

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