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Beneath the Mire

Beneath the Mire

Beneath the Mire

Type: Event Faction: Neutral
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Play on your opponent's turn after all players have committed their characters.

Action: Each player who has committed at least one character to 3 or more stories this phase sacrifices all committed characters.
Flavor Text: "This should fix everything..." - Vaughn
Set: CoC
Number: 60
Illustrator: Regis Moulun


Has anyone had any success using this card? It seems like it could be a little tough to get the right situation to set it up, but maybe not. If all your guys are exhausted then maybe your opponent will commit to all three stories. Just wondering if anyone has played this card to good effect. Seems like it could provide a huge momentum swing for only a cost of 2.

I have used it a time or two, and I know of a couple of other people who have used it successfully, but it will generally only work if your opponent is newer to the game and doesn't know about the possibility of this card.  More experienced players will still only commit to two stories just in case you might have this (unless you don't have the domain to play it, that is).  


When you do get this to work, it can be a complete game changer though.....

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It's very existence is probably more useful than its actual use (for reasons tdnordine mentioned). Hitting with it should in many cases swing the board completely. Guess it's a mainstay in characterless decks, especially, I think.

If the opponent is intentionally holding back because he's paranoid about Beneath the Mire then I'd take that. You just hope your opponent is experienced enough to know to be paranoid.

Or experienced enough to know that the paranoia is mostly unneeded, since the card isn't exactly running rampant (from the winning decklists I know, at least). It's a thin line. In a smaller meta it might be prudent to put it into your deck every now and then, at least.

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