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Professor Rice

Professor Rice

Professor Rice

Stocky and Iron Grey
Type: Character Faction: Miskatonic University
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (A)(I)
Game Text:
Investigator. Faculty.
Any time a triggered effect would cause a player to draw a card, that player draws an additional card.
Set: DD
Number: 63
Illustrator: Patrick McEvoy


I just played a game with PR, Atlantis, and some Prophecy event cards. It seems like this is an infinite-draw combo, isn't it? Placing the prophecy on the deck activates Atlantis draw effect, which becomes 2 cards thanks to Rice. Draw your prophecy back plus the card under it, place the prophecy back on top, and repeat. Seems broken. Thoughts anyone?
May 01 2016 05:00 AM

That would be sweet, but I don't think it works.


Voros Hal'l Jon:: (Prophecy)

Action: Place this card face up on your deck.
Response: After a [MU] character you control is destroyed, discard A Voros Hal'l Jon from the top of your deck to search your deck for 2 cards and add them to your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.


Atlantis:: "Response: After a player triggers the effect on a Prophecy card, draw 1 card."


Atlantis lets you draw when the effect of a Prophecy is triggered, but I don't think that includes when it is played. Now you could argue that the "Action:" part is a "triggered effect", under the rules, and should qualify, but I think the  "triggers the effect on a prophecy" is specifically referring to the response trigger/effect.

I get this impression partly from reading the Prophecy rules, which uses language like "Each Prophecy event then has a triggering condition", but also perhaps more convincingly, from the use of "the" I underlined in the in the Atlantis response I just quote. In English, that "the" is clearly singular, and it implies strongly that there is only one such effect/trigger it is referring too. If it is referring to only one of the two "triggered effect"s technically present, then the one it is referring to must clearly be the "prophecy triggering condition", ie the one in the Response.


I think intent is on my side here too, though intent is usually a weak argument.


Btw, I have played with Atlantis a lot (it was in my 2015 Australian Nationals winning deck). And I don't think anyone I have played against would let me trigger it from just the playing of a Prophecy. But I will asked around my play group to confirm this.

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Thanks, RP.

Normally, triggering Atlantis's card draw from just putting a Prophecy on your deck would be pointless. You'd just draw the Prophecy that you just put there. Professor Rice is the guy who wreaks havoc in this case.

Like you said, you have to consider intent. I didn't do the infinite card draw because, like my dad said, "then there's no game." I just draw about 30 cards and then obliterate him - what's the point in playing? So, we did what we felt was intended and ignored the ostensible card draw loophole.
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If the game were still in development, Atlantis could/should be errata-ed to read: "After a player triggers the Response on a Prophecy card ... ." And I would recommend this edit for house purposes everywhere!

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Does it work on player draw exactly one card or even more?

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