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Neil's Curiosity Shop

Neil's Curiosity Shop

Neil's Curiosity Shop

Collection of Bizarre Antiquities
Type: Support Faction: The Agency
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Neil's Curiosity Shop gains the triggered abilities of each support card controlled by an opponent.
Flavor Text: Men shall not live without rumor of old strange secrets...
Set: KD
Number: 22
Illustrator: Jessica Van Huelle


How exactly is this card working?
Is it just able to copy a triggered effect? Or can I, for example, copy Ice Shaft before my opponent triggers it by himself?
Or can it also copy passive effects/abilities?
Is it referring to actions and passive abilities in general?
Is it necessary to be able to pay the costs of an opponents Support card that triggers an effect to gain the ability?
And what happens if my opponent has more that one support card in play? Can the Curiosity Shop copy both?
What if one of them is a passive effect, permanent and the other card is a one shot effect? Gains the Shop this effect until it is triggered or does it change back to the permanent effect immediately?
Thanks in advance for clarifications.
Since it says triggered abilities I guess it doesn't gain any abilities that are not triggered (passive for example). If you can't pay the cost you just have the triggered ability, you do not automatically get to use it. It can have however many abilities your opponent has on his supports, if they conflict, congrats, you now have a headache....
I think this one should get errata or something, as it has a really interesting idea that fails to work because of wording. AFAIK it copies text exactly so even self references are broken in the process. This severely limits amount of cards it can copy in a useful way. Making it next to unplayable.
- Self reference dont work
- most attachements dont do anything
- passive abilities dont work
Not much left. And idea of making supports backfire by being copied is such an interesting one. If it fixed self references and could be attached to any character by paying 1 it would be a much more interesting card.
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I think it's written clearly enough, but it's just too much of a gamble in most cases, since it's dependent on marginal features in your opponent's deck. It would have been a handy defense against my Nemo Omen characterless mill recently, though.

Aug 27 2015 04:13 AM

Self references defeat this card at nearly every turn.


A large number of supports refer to themselves as part of their trigger costs, thus this card cannot meet those costs, and effectively can't copy those abilities.


Action: Sacrifice The Plague Stone and pay 2 to destroy all characters in play.

Action: Exhaust Book of Iod to reveal the top 2 cards of your deck. Put one of the cards into your hand and discard the other.

Response: After a character you control was chosen as the only target of a triggered effect, exhaust Ipiutak to copy that effect choosing another character as the target of that effect.


So you are very limited in what you can copy, eg:

Arkham Asylum: Action: Pay 1 to choose an insane character. Restore and ready that character.


A sample examination shows that of the 18 support cards that start with "A", only 2 have a copyable triggered effect. This renders this card virtually unplayable.


A simple errata allowing this card to use itself in place of any self-reference in any copied effect would at least make the card more broadly applicable, and almost playable though you would still be faced with the issue of the copied effect doing something the opponent wants to do, rather than something you want to do.


eg "Exhaust Ultima Thule to put an Explorer character into play from your hand" - Even if you could copy this effect, you are unlikely to have explorers in your hand.

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Zephyr summed it up quite nicely. Nice idea, bad execution.

The "Kingsport's Haunted Houses" ad indicates that this card is meant to be able to copy the effects of the other Locations in that pack, which reference themselves. I think it's clear that self-references aren't meant to be an obstacle.

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