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Cthuloid Spawn

Cthuloid Spawn

Cthuloid Spawn

Type: Character Faction: Cthulhu
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (T)(C)
Game Text:
Forced Response: After a story to which Cthulhoid Spawn is committed resolves, destroy all committed characters.
Set: SoM
Number: 7
Illustrator: Anders Finer


This can affect how you opponent commits to attack just by being out on the board. It's not a very efficient character, but it's purpose is more as a deterrent. I've always wanted to fit it in my decks, but it always gets cut, so I'd love to hear if others had success with it.

It'd be nice to play with Bone Sculptor and pull it out right before you commit.

I've used it in a deck with mixed success. I used 'Drunken Hallucinations' to get it into play as a surprise, and 'Swimming in the Deep' for a surprise commit. The problem is to keep it alive and committed until its Forced Response triggers. You also have to time it very well. All in all, there's more efficient ways to clear the board, but I just like the card (especially since there's a promo version of it!).


Edit: Here's the link to the deck: http://www.cardgamed...mouth-joint-r10

Haven't really messed with it.  I've looked at him before but he seems hard to leverage.  Your opponent may tend to keep all his guys for defense which leads to a more stalemate-y situation on the board that I don't favor (personal playstyle preference).

I have looked at this card a few times (especially since I got the promo!).  It seems like it could be a pretty strong deterrent to committing to stories against factions that don't have a lot of combat, but I haven't had an opportunity (or good deck idea) to put it in.

I think the rest of this block has good support for this dude.


Noises in the Hills seems made for this guy, as your opponent will go to the story that Cthulhoid Spawn is NOT committed to, then you surprise your opponent with a sudden switcheroo.


Also, he can force your opponent into a Beneath the Mire because the Spawn discourages clustering at one story.  And Cave on the Hill let's you change your mind, saving the Spawn for a later use.


Outside the Spawn's block, Mariner can suck a bunch of guys to one story, The Door That Will Not Close can be a great friend to the Spawn, and some Serpents like Descendant of Yig and Padma Amrita are actually hoping to get destroyed.

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