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Kaleidoscope of Calyptra

Kaleidoscope of Calyptra

Kaleidoscope of Calyptra

Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 3 Skill: 1 Icons: (T)(C)
Game Text:
Monster. Creature.
Characters committed to the same story as Kaleidoscope of Calyptra that would go insane are instead wounded.
Flavor Text: "Referred to as vampire moths, due to the habit that they have of drinking blood from vertebrates, due to their size and unagressive nature the moths are not thought to cause any threat to humans." - National Geographic Society
Set: TUP
Number: 86
Illustrator: Brynn Metheney


I'm not really sure whats the timing of such replacements. I'm currently discussing it on FFG forums.

Especially #11.

The conclusion seems to be something like step 2/3 with disrupts affecting both basic and altered effect. I find it not really following timing rules, but this seems to make the most sense with this one...
If your opponent has invulnerable character that can go insane he can choose him and ignore losing T struggle, at least thats how i understand:

Me: Passive replacement like Kaleidoscope of Calyptra timing. While choosing target is effect considered to drive insane, wound or both? Can i choose an invoulnerable character to go insane? If so does nothing happen because he cant b e wounded or passive fails and he goes insane? Can i disrupt going insane? Can i disrupt getting wounded? If both how does it fit FAQ timing structure, is passive considered to have disrupt timing?

Damon: Yes, you can choose an invulnerable character can go insane. When you try to resolve that insanity effect you cannot place wound tokens on the card so nothing happens. Passives does not have disrupt timing. It acts as an additional rule in the game, not a triggered effect. You are still choosing a character to go insane, but what happens when it resolves has been replaced.

Nov 21 2012 09:04 AM
Passive replacement effects like on this card are resolved after Disrupts. E.g. Charles Dexter Ward (KD) may be used to redirect a lost Terror struggle even if Kaleidoscope of Calyptra (TUP) is committed to the same story. The insanity gets replaced with a wound after the Disrupt.

(Source: Rules answer from Damon Stone, http://www.fantasyfl...&efpag=0#749213)

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