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Padma Amrita

Padma Amrita

Padma Amrita

Cold-blooded Charmer
Type: Character Faction: Cthulhu
Cost: 5 Skill: 4 Icons: (C)(C)(A)(A)
Game Text:
Serpent. Servitor. Cultist.
Forced Response: After Padma Amrita is destroyed, put a [Cthulhu] character into play from your hand.
Flavor Text: It is said that the Nagina Betiyom exist outside of the karmic cycle, and upon death, are immediately reincarnated. The locals fear and protect these women, lest they die and rise as an unspeakable horror.
Set: TUP
Number: 83
Illustrator: Mark Winters


Sacrifice is not destruction.

FAQ errata:

Padma Amrita (F83)
Should read: “Response” not Forced

(no problem with showing you have no green characters now)

Just want some feedback on this card because I'm still kind of new to this game.


As a Serpent character, Padma can see the table early with Disguised Threat.  She can also help you get Yig out quickly if you can get her destroyed.  Those are two very specific circumstances where I can see her being pretty good, and it's really good if you can combine those two circumstances.


That said, Padma still seems close to unplayable, although I'm currently stuck using her in a Serpent deck because I'm also using Josef Meiger, meaning I can't use Uroborus (Restricted).  If I have to pay her cost, she's incredibly inefficient.  Has anyone found a better use for this lady than what I'm seeing because it really pains me to use a 5-cost character that's dependent on other cards to be halfway decent?  I guess she can help you recover after you blow up your own Plague Stone or Dimensional Rift.  Anything else?

Jan 05 2016 03:53 AM
You can use her with the plague stone on your opponents turn to wind up being the only player with a character on the board.

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