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The Great Library of Celaeno

The Great Library of Celaeno

The Great Library of Celaeno

Knowledge from a Distant Star
Type: Support Faction: Miskatonic University
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Response: After a player triggers an effect on a Tome card, choose and ready any number of characters with 1 or more Tome cards attached. Those characters get +3 skill until the end of the phase.
Flavor Text: The vast library houses the knowledge of the universe, and is carefully guarded by its keepers, The Great Race.
Set: TUP
Number: 88
Illustrator: David Auden Nash


Helper comment:
As with Y'Golonac (Core) "and ready" part is additional effect not a targeting requirement, so ready characters also can get +3 skill.
You can choose opponents characters if you really want to :)

If multiple Tomes are triggered you can respond to each of them getting more skill.
There's a shortage of Tomes that trigger before the story phase. A lot of them trigger in response to story results, which is too late to get the full benefits of the libraries. Pnakotic Manuscripts, while very average as a card, is at least easy to trigger at any time.

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