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Adept of the Second Order

Adept of the Second Order

Adept of the Second Order

Type: Character Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (A)(A)(A)(I)
Game Text:
Response: After a character is put into play through a card effect, choose and ready a Lodge character.
Flavor Text: The Order had members in positions of power throughout the world. When a lodge member was in need someone was always at hand.
Set: TbtA
Number: 114
Illustrator: Lin Bo


#cardoftheday for Sept. 1st, 2015


He often gets lost in the mix because of all the awesome 3-cost Silver Twilight characters.  Is this guy good enough to make it into a deck?

As you said, the 3-cost slot for Silver Twilight is extremely competitive.  Personally, I haven't found him to make the cut.  His ability only works on Lodge, which means unless you are doing mono, less than half your characters.  Not to mention that Silver Twilight is fairly good at Arcane as well, so they aren't usually aching for readying effects.  Finally, unless your deck provides its own trigger condition, he's a bit unreliable, especially with the recent FAQ changes cracking down on characters that jump into play.


To make him work you'd need I think:

1.  Your own jumper that costs 1 or has a non-domain cost (easy to pay for anytime you need it)

2.  At least two Lodge characters that are strong at stories, so that it's more likely for one of them to be exhausted.


Some of the best candidates for #2 include:

August Lindquist (unique)

Josef Meiger (unique, restricted)

Silver Twilight Enforcer (hard to keep in play)


As you can see, all of them seem to share drawbacks.  There are others, but mostly they aren't superior to just having played some other character instead of the Adept in the first place. These are the main ones that offer some special benefit I think.

I generally only put these guys in ST mono decks, where there will be enough Lodge characters to use his ability. I like Rich Widows, Dirk Sharpe, and Master of Myths to trigger the Adept. Other Lodge members worth readying (besides the ones dboeren mentioned) include Carl Stanford, B. Ramsdale Brown, Mayor Atkinson, Senator Rhodes, etc., etc.

Unless I have a deck that somehow benefits from having a ton of arcane symbols (possibly in conjunction with the Yog faction), I don't see myself using this guy. The ability is just okay, not great, especially with Silver Twilight's luxury problem of too many great 3-cost characters.

If there were any lodge characters with powerful effects that required exhausting I might like him a lot better. The only one that comes to mind is the barkeep with the syndicate steadfast...and his ability is a response so the timing doesn't work out.

He could be really nice with T'tka Halot.

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