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The Night Job

The Night Job

The Night Job

Type: Conspiracy Faction: Syndicate
Struggle Icons:
Game Text:
If you win this conspiracy, resture and ready any number of characters. Then, choose and exhaust 1 character for each character readied in this way. Those characters do not ready during the next refresh phase.
Special Attribute: Steadfast - Syndicate x2
Set: TbtA
Number: 118
Illustrator: Adam Schumpert


Misprint - resture.

If I went all-in with 5 characters at this story and my opponent went all-in with 3 characters, and I won the story, how should I resolve the story effect? I'm thinking I should ready 3 of my guys, no more and no less, but maybe I'm misunderstanding this card. Can someone please clarify this card for me? Does my understanding sound correct?

It says, "restore and ready any number of characters." You wouldn't be limited to three. You could even restore your opponent's characters. It might be worth your while to do so just so that you could exhaust them with the second stage of the story effect, keeping them from readying in the next refresh phase.

But remember that you have to exhaust the same number you readied. So if you ready more characters than your opponent has, some of your own characters will then have to get exhausted. That's why I specified 3 because, in my example, my opponent had 3 characters. That's how I read it anyway.
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Well, you should probably only ready three characters for optimal play, in the scenario you describe. I'm assuming "all in" means there are no other characters in play than the ones that participated in the story--ready or exhausted.

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May 19 2016 11:55 PM

I would agree that having readied X characters, you have to select X different characters to be exhausted.

The characters you restore+ready don't have to be exhausted/insane other, you can "ready" a guy that started ready, just to get the second effect happening (it's just like the way Y'Golonac works).

You certainly can choose opponents characters during the readying part, helpful if they have more guys than you, otherwise generally not helpful.


So, generally you can double-exhaust all of your opponents guys, regardless of how many guys each of you have, but as noted above you can only effectively stand up as many of your guys as they have patsies to wear the penalty.


I also think this one has slightly weird timing if you win it on an opponents turn, since it refers to "the next refresh phase" not "their next refresh phase".

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Do the words " this way" mean "restored AND readied"?

May I just ready 1 non-insane character and exhaust another character?

It reads "readied in this way." You just have to readied in that way. There are no stipulations about being restored.
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