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Black Dog

Black Dog

Black Dog

Type: Character Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 2 Skill: 0 Icons: (C)(C)
Game Text:
Monster. Creature.
Fast. Willpower.
Response: After an opponent commits exactly 1 character to a story, pay 1 to put Black Dog into play from your hand committed to that story. After that story resolves, if Black Dog is still in play, return it to your hand.
Set: WoP
Number: 29
Illustrator: Brynn Metheney


Remember that opponent needs to commit the character. Some cards like The Cats of Ulthar (JtUK) or Black dog itself enter play committed - it is not the response condition, so you cant answer to Black Dog with Black Dog.
(confirmed by Damon according to FFG forum)

Also see cards like Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris (DD) refer to committing not being put int play committed, so Black Dog should ignore them.

Also remember that this 1 can be payed without any resource match, so you don't need any Shub domains to use his Response.
Uh, Black Dog is pretty badass. He's got willpower and fast, so unless that "one character" committed by the opponent has at least three combat icons or invulnerability, it'll be pushing up the daisies! Sic 'em, boy. Kill.
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It's the "exactly one" that keeps this card from being over the top. The first time you use it you can catch your opponent by surprise but after that expect him to commit characters in pairs a lot more often. Still a good card, but I wouldn't expect to be able to keep sending him over and over.
Yeah, I see it. The opponent learns one painful lesson. Even then, the threat will create serious opportunity costs if he has to throw in extra characters in anticipation of the Dog. (I'd be tempted to make the Dog a resource after it's had its meal! The threat would remain....)
The joke is that this is essentialy a neutral card - you can splash him into any deck in the same fasion as Master of the Myths (IT) and if he stops being usefull you can resource him like a neutral (and for cost of zero having a better Binding Worm (TPtY) effect is still quite usefull) even a bit better than neutral as you can gain shoub resource match option on this domain
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Ah, but if you resource him like a neutral and you have an otherwise Shubless deck, the perverse bluffing goes down the drain. Unless the deck had a couple Black Dogs, and then you naturally resourced the second ... Ok, carry on!

So, if you're the active player, and you commit, it goes to the opponents commit step, and he only commits one character, can you play Black Dog? It seems like with the wording you could, but I've only ever seen people play it as a defensive card.

I was thinking the exact same thing SieurP.

Sure you can, I've done this a lot.

FAQ 4.1 - Restricted

In FAQ 4.2, It's no longer Restricted.

My ST/Shub deck uses both Black Dog and Master of the Myths. I decided to add Crystal of the Elder Things to get more use out of them. I noticed that the Crystal doesn't trigger from MotM, but Black Dog does. Small but important timing distinction.

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