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Fang of Yig
Type: Character Faction: Cthulhu
Cost: 4 Skill: 3 Icons: (T)(C)(C)
Game Text:
Servitor. Serpent.
Response: After a Serpent character leaves play, put Uroborus into play from your hand.
Action: If you have 3 or more Serpent characters in your discard pile, put Uroborus into play insane from your discard pile.
Set: WaB
Number: 3
Illustrator: Hector Ortiz


Should be unique.

If my opponent returns my Uroborus,
Fang of Yig (Revelations F3) to my
hand can I trigger his response effect to
put him back into play?

Yes, if Uroborus is sent back to hand,
you could trigger his response effect to
put him back into play since the first
opportunity to play the response would
be after the return to hand effect has
completely resolved and Uroborus is
now in your hand.

This card is majorly broken with any effect that sacrifices your own characters for some beneficial effect. Games with this guy seriously suck - should be on the banned list.

Does action count as be triggered in discard pile?

Yes. So he works with Tesla.

Oct 21 2015 06:46 AM

Yes. So he works with Tesla.

And will for another whole week, after which he joins Tesla on restricted list.

Oh, yeah. :(


And I had them designed into a deck I never got to play.

Yeah, and next month, they're going to announce that every card in the game is restricted.


Glad to see that while they're not making new cards, they're still going back and restricting old cards.  Joy.

Would by nice if FFG, which owns this website, would update it. Card should be restricted, no?

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