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Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 2 Skill: 1 Icons: (C)(I)
Game Text:
Flavor Text: "It's a temporary alliance, you realize. My goals are on a bigger scale than yours, sir."
"Mister," growled O'Bannion, "I surely doubt that."

Set: SoA
Number: 17
Illustrator: David Monette


So how does he work then? Wouldn't he get taken out easily? Or is that the point that he's cheap?

Ideally with others, as he is more of a support character, as otherwise they need terror or 2 combat in a struggle to get rid of him.

I might be going out on a limb here, but Anarchist seems like he's even better than Triggerman and Undercover Security.  Any two cost character who can beat, not just tie, an opponent who has 1 combat icon is worth a look.  Anarchist then follows up with the Investigation and the skill to earn you 3 success tokens.  And later in the game, the Fast will remain relevant; if he had Willpower instead, he wouldn't make a very good chump because he couldn't soak up a lost Terror struggle.


Some people will say, "Yeah, but he still gets killed by a Black Dog."  You're right, but that's true for 99% of the Turn 1 characters in the game, and your opponent won't always have a Black Dog in his hand.  And Anarchist can't stand up to a Moon Worshipper without help, so you've got me there.  You can't expect a 2-cost character to be devoid of weaknesses.  But for the role he plays, Anarchist is a beast.  To me, he's the Black Dog equivalent on offense.

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Apr 17 2017 04:28 PM

Anarchist vs Triggerman is really a question of Fast vs Willpower. I would generally prefer Fast (this guy), but it may depend on the decks you will be facing.

He is a Criminal, so he will often cost 1, which is makes him ridiculously good.

He seems inferior to Martin Herring but he isn't unique and it's close enough that while you would include a single Martin Herring first, you would probably go for this guy before a second or third Herring.

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