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Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 2 Skill: 2 Icons: (T)(T)
Game Text:
Poltergeist cannot commit to stories.
Insane characters you control do not restore.
Action: Pay 2 to give control of Poltergeist to any opponent.
Flavor Text: Its presence was betrayed by the whirling maelstrom of debris that surrounded it.
Set: SoA
Number: 37
Illustrator: Katherine Dinger


Poltergeist (F37)
Should read: “...Insane characters you
control do not restore during the Refresh

only refresh
what are peoples opionion on this card? can see it being amazing but with opponent being able to just send it back its kinda ahh.
I had somone use it on me pretty successfully just the other day. I did send it back to him, but I had to drain a domain to do so, and I still wasn't able to restore a character that turn. When he sent it to me the second time, I ended up keeping it (with one or two characters still insane), because I needed the domains for other actions.

If the owner's deck is more crazy-making than his opponent's, Poltergeist can be a real annoyance.
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I can see this card being effective combined with Prepared Alienist.  First, send the Poltergeist to your opponent, then drop the Alienist and let the madness begin!  If you happen to have Dikes of Ys on the table too, your opponent might just concede if he doesn't have a way to break up that combo (not that it's that hard to break up).

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