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Rampaging Dark Young

Rampaging Dark Young

Rampaging Dark Young

Type: Character Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 5 Skill: 5 Icons: (C)
Game Text:
Servitor. Dark Young.
Toughness +2.
Response: After Rampaging Dark Young is placed in the discard pile from play, put into play a character with printed cost 3 or lower from your hand or discard pile.
Set: SoA
Number: 21
Illustrator: James Ryman


Nov 12 2012 09:43 PM
If this card enters the discard pile from the insane state can the ability be triggered?
For example, if my opponent overpaid for Bearer of the Yellow Sign (Core) and drives the Rampaging Dark Young insane and then kills it with Thing from the Stars (Core) can I put into play a character with the triggered ability?
I can't see why not. The language "is placed in the discard pile from play" seems especially generic, and would include "destroyed," "sacrificed," etc.
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If a card has an ability that triggers in response to said card entering the discard pile, that effect does not resolve or trigger if that card had blank text due to a card effect, was attached to a domain as a resource, was discarded from hand, discarded from a deck, or was insane before it entered the discard pile, unless that card specifically states it triggers when it leaves that out of play area.

Ah, I totally missed the point of the original question. Right. The insane character doesn't have the ability.
Why does this (among other) Dark Young not have Terror? Likewise, some Deep Ones are without Terror too... seems... off-Mythos.

Well, actually- deep one without terror makes some sense, in that most a lot of humans devolve into humans and go crazy- or at least can go crazy, when faced with the reality that they now belong to the sea or hear the call.


Why a Dark Young doesn't have a terror Icon is just insane. And its not a regular Dark Young: its a rampaging Dark Young. With 1 skull. Not much of a rampage...

This has to make the short-list for worst cards of all time. What were the game designers thinking?

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