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Lucas Tetlow

Lucas Tetlow

Lucas Tetlow

Eternal Curator
Type: Character Faction: Miskatonic University
Cost: 2 Skill: 2 Icons: (C)(A)
Game Text:
Disrupt: When a player would play a non-Location support card, discard one of your success tokens from a story to instead put that card into play under your control, as if you had just played it from hand.
Set: SoK
Number: 9
Illustrator: Jordan Saia


Feb 23 2013 04:49 PM
Lucas Tetlow may take control of an attachment with a play restriction (e.g. "Attach to X" like on Prize Pistol (IMoD)) and its controlling player selects a new target. Tetlow's effect may not be triggered if not all play restrictions are met. (Source: rules answer from FFG)
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Can someone help me out with Lucas Tetlow?  I'm actually using him in a deck because I recognize 2-cost characters with 2 icons, 2 skill, and Invulnerability don't come along everyday.  And I recognize that his ability could prove useful as a deterrent.  But is Lucas a meta-answer to something specific that I'm not seeing?  It seems like a highly specific ability that I'm not sure how to best use.

He can rob non-Location support, half of the support cards.

So, MU had a glaring weakness for non-Location supports, and Lucas Tetlow shores up that weakness?  Or, Tetlow pairs great with another specific MU card that I'm not seeing?  I get what he does.  I just thought there might be more reasoning behind why MU needed his ability.  As best I can tell, Tetlow's ability, while powerful, seems very generic.  Maybe his ability is designed to synergize with The Archmage, Arcanis, and that's it.

Lucas can defend  key MU Unique Locations and Lost Civilisations like Ultima Thule in Explorer decks from Frozen Time.

I stumbled upon a great use for Lucas Tetlow in my MU/Yog deck.  I play Constricting Elder Thing to bounce an opponent's support card back to his hand, then I dare him to play it again while Tetlow is on the table.  If he decides to hold the support card in his hand, my Eltdown Shards is always happy to make him discard it.  Basically, all my opponent can do is resource the bounced support card unless he can play around Tetlow.  The combo would also work with Lodge Housekeeper in a MU/ST build. 

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