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Infernal Obsession

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Infernal Obsession

Infernal Obsession

Type: Support Faction: Hastur
Cost: 3
Game Text:
Madness. Attachment.
Attach to a non-Ancient One character.
While attached, you gain control of attached character. (If control changes again, discard Infernal Obsession from play.)
Set: TAD
Number: 51
Illustrator: Linda Tso


FAQ (1.9) [summary]
- !!! attachments do not change control
if char had Prize Pistol (IMoD) he can still shoot you and commit suicide :>
- move card to your side
- you're controller, but you're not owner
[after card leaves play (goes to discard/hand/etc) it goes to owners discard/etc]
- you cant take control if it violates Heroic vs Villainous rule
- with uniqueness as well, if you have one * character with given name u cant play/take next
(if you own or control, so if you steal a unique character opponent can't play another copy of it)
- state of card (insane/exhausted) doesn't change
- if committed to story character changes side but remains committed
(needs some combo to use this one during story phase)
- if you take control of the card attached to a story you can reattach it
(not important here, but ill post it anyway for completeness of take control summary)
I asked Damon how this interacts with Fronzen Time:

Q: What happens if 'Frozen Time' is attached to 'Infernal Obsession'? Does control revert to the owner?

A: Yes. Infernal Obsession's passive ability is the only thing that gives control of the attached card. Anything that blanks that card text or removes the attachment would cause the character revert back to it's owner.
FAQ/Errata 3.0


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