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Repo Man

Repo Man

Repo Man

Type: Character Faction: The Agency
Cost: 2 Skill: 2 Icons: (C)
Game Text:
If you win a [Combat] Struggle at a story to which Repo Man is committed, instead of the normal struggle effects, take control of a support card controlled by the losing player.
Flavor Text: "If you had paid, I wouldn't be here."
Set: TAD
Number: 41
Illustrator: Régis Moulun


What happens if I use Repo Man (Summons
of the Deep F41) to take control of Infernal
Obsession (Summons of the Deep F51) which
was attached to a character I own?
Repo Man takes control of Infernal
Obsession, which causes that original
character to revert to your control.
Infernal Obsession is now discarded.

FAQ (1.9) [summary]
- attachments do not change control when taking control of character
you cant reattach then when u take control of them
if you take Prize Pistol (IMoD) you can use it, even though the character is not controlled by you
- you're controller, but you're not owner
[after card leaves play (goes to discard/hand/etc) it goes to owners discard/etc]
- you cant take control if it violates Heroic vs Villainous rule
(not important here, for completeness)
- with uniqueness as well, if you have one * character with given name u cant play/take next
(not important)
- state of card (insane/exhausted) doesn't change
- if committed to story character changes side but remains committed
(not important)
- if you take control of the card attached to a story you can reattach it
Apr 19 2015 04:52 PM
I recently ran this at the local store championship, sadly he failed to live up to my expectations. I still have hope for the ability but icons < skill is never a good sign, especially when the ability is reliant on your opponent having specific cards in play.

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