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Chess Prodigy

Chess Prodigy

Chess Prodigy

Type: Character Faction: Miskatonic University
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (I)
Game Text:
Sorcerer. Investigator
Fast. When Chess Prodigy commits to a story on your turn, name a struggle type. Resolve that struggle type at that story by counting I icons instead of that struggle type's normal icons at that story this phase. The normal struggle effects still apply.
Flavor Text: Check!
Set: THBtS
Number: 25
Illustrator: Felicia Cano


When does the player who controls Chess
Prodigy (Summons of the Deep F25) name
what struggle is being replaced?
The player who controls Chess Prodigy
names the struggle after Chess Prodigy is
committed to a story. After the struggle
type is named, the replacement effect
(counting Investigation icons instead
of that struggle’s normal icons) will
resolve even if Chess Prodigy has been
uncommitted from the story or leaves
play. Once an effect has been initiated it
must be resolved (unless it is a triggered
effect that has been canceled by a

What happens if Chess Prodigy (Summons
of the Deep F25) is committed to a story that
has a Parallel Universe (Summons of the Deep
F98) attached?
In this scenario, Parallel Universe’s effect
will take precedence. This is because
Chess Prodigy will change the icon that the
struggle will use, but Parallel Universe
decides that the struggle will use skill
instead of any icons.

If david pan and chess prodigy are in the same story, which ability takes priority? will chess prodigys "Select struggle and resolve with "I" symbols" ever come into play? or since he doesnt have enough skill, it doesnt matter?

David Pan and Parallel Universe have the same effect.  Therefore, according to the FAQ Chess Prodigy will change the icon struggle, but David Pan's ability decides that the struggle will use skill instead of icons so Pan's ability will take precedence.

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5 stars for this card? I don't understand what constitutes a 5 star card.
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To be fair, the card is almost as old as the game itself. Times are changing. It's still good, surely not 5-star-good.

He might have been an auto-include for mono-Misk decks, once upon a time.

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