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The Thing Behind You

The Thing Behind You

The Thing Behind You

Turn around!
Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 3 Skill: 1 Icons: (T)(T)(T)(T)(T)
Game Text:
Action: Pay 2 and return a [Hastur] character to your hand to put The Thing Behind You into play from your hand.
Flavor Text: Of course, he had been tricked again...
Set: TPtY
Number: 110
Illustrator: Cris Griffin


This is my favourite card, as a newbie it is not because I have played a lot and gone this is the best card ever, but rather I love the art work (it is almost a monster selfie), I love that the artwork fits so well with the rest of the card colour, I like that the ability is so true to the Mythos story plus I get to bring 5 terror symbols to a struggle from my hand say "tricked again". Oh and the "turn around" quote is pure pantomine and who doesn't love pantomine?


On a playing note what cards should I be combining with this (in pure Hastur or neutral) to get the most of the leaving and entering play effects the card causes.

He's cool. But to me he looks like he was just caught spanking the monkey. Look at the arm, where is his hand LOL´! He's panicking trying to get the camera away.

In terms of comboing with Hastur cards, Victoria Glasser is really the only one that jumps to mind. Maybe the byakhee that discards a card from hand...

Along with what Danigral said - a card with a good "enters play" ability that you want to repeat is a good pick, however this isn't really a big Hastur strength.  Victoria Glasser is probably the best choice as stated.


The other thing you could use it for is to "rescue" a character.  That is, you have a guy at a story who's going to die and you play Thing Behind You to yank them to safety in your hand which is better than losing them.  Taking this a step further, you can BAIT them to a story to draw out your opponent's guy(s) to counter them.  For instance, commit to multiple stories.  Wherever your opponent counters to kill your guy, rescue him with The Thing Behind You and then take tokens at the other story.


Finally, you can use it to help feign a weak board.  Your opponent commits thinking you have no ready defenders or your only ready defenders are weak.  Poof.  Suddenly there is a monster and instead of his guy getting tokens he gets driven insane instead.

Aspiring Artist and Victoria's Protegee are also possible candidates for combo depending on the deck.

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