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Those Without Faces

Those Without Faces

Those Without Faces

Type: Character Faction: Neutral
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (T)
Game Text:
Disrupt: After you win a (T) struggle, the loser of the struggle discards a card from the top of his deck.
Set: TSotS
Number: 18
Illustrator: Rafal Hrynkiewicz


Its a disrupt so its not mandatory and it is resolved immediately before next struggle starts.
In order to win struggle you don't need an opponent.
(but remember that only stories where active player has a character resolve)
Anyone tried him with
The King In Yellow Folio (LR)
Jiang Shi (CotJE)

mill 12 cards each turn :>, too easy to break, but i love this idea
Interesting, but hard to get working. This card is pricy for 1 icon and mediocre skill, so you really need that ability to be working hard for you to be worth 3.
If you can get 3 of those you could mill 36 cards a turn :), but yeah it needs to be mill deck that can affort paying 3 for a card that pretty much only mills and can be destroyed by many cards.

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