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Before the Fast

Before the Fast

Before the Fast

Type: Conspiracy Faction: Neutral
Struggle Icons:
Game Text:
When a player succeeds at this conspiracy, that player gains a domain.
Set: TiV
Number: 28
Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak


Notice the wording is succeeds and not win, interesting way to gain some easy domains.
Yes, but keep in mind that the free domains will not have any resources on them until you put on there. It only gets you the domain itself, it doesn't attach any cards to it.
Since you're unlikely to win the conspiracy the same turn you play it, the effect raises the stakes for success there in following turns, making it into a likely prize among the stories in play.
You can also succeed and get rid of your tokens with cards like Stone Calendar (TC) in order to get more domains.
Some deck with loads of pay 1 can use this quite a bit.
Might be too double edged and difficult to use in practice though, definitely needs testing.
Those blank domains can be used in conjunction with Legacy of Ramses (Core) for a really underwhelming combo
You can use the blank domains to pay forEr'nrawr (SoK) effect - but if your opponent succeeds too, it's losing all of its fun ;)
If you want to use the blank domains more efficient, playHard Case (Core)!
5 or 6 domains at all and you can exhaust almost everything with him - incl. AOs! ;)
Combined with the new Lodge Lady Elisabetta Magro (TiV) ... a lot of fun! :D
Hey, I like the Hard Case combo idea.

Hey, I like the Hard Case combo idea.

A pleasure. :)

Perhaps you also might like Blackball Jim (TAD) to protect you against any bad surprises that might come over you after story resolving by an undrained domain...
(but this idea is rather advanced pimping ;) )

[Also an alternative / or addition to Aliki Zoni Uperetria (SoK)]
Definitely good for Y'Golonac (Core), Black Dog (***), Ancient Guardian (Core)
and all other pay 1 cards. Syndicae skill reduction etc. best search for "pay 1" in text with "fulltext search" disabled

Hmm Shulb-Syndicate Skill reduction with Ya-te-veo (TUP)

I'm using Before the Fast in my mono-Syndicate skill manipulation deck.  It can obviously fund a lot of Street Tough and Lena Di Boerio antics.  Cascio Di Boerio is also money when combined with Before the Fast.  


What I think is a sneaky-good complement to this strategy is Reallocate, which is an obvious facilitator of "pay 1" abilities.  Where Reallocate really shines though is all the free resources it will distribute upon the domains you won with Before the Fast, which gives you domains but doesn't come with resources.  Throw in Cathouse for all the 2-resource domains you'll suddenly have, and you have a very formidable set-up that isn't really that hard to pull off.  It's obviously not your standard Syndicate rush deck.  It's more of a Syndicate control approach.

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